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Killing me Softly- Youngblood Brass Band [Song of the Week #12]

I do like me a bit of Youngblood Brass Band. Playing Brooklyn at the Music Society Dinner and the End of Year Assembly with the No-name band will doubtless remain one of my fondest memories (thank you all, once again, for agreeing to play it with me y’all). But it’s time for something new, so here I proudly present YBBB’s cover version of Killing me Softly, from the album ‘Live. Places.’. It was recorded live. At a place (if you listen to the announcer at the end it would appear that this place was in Britain!).

Getting hold of YBBB records on CD is difficult, but should be easier in the US than in the UK, but annoyingly enough a US postal address and a UK billing address won’t fly, so I’m stuck now until I return.

P.S. I have a kickass post about the cliffhanger at the end of Sherlock to post tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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