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A few basic facts about the latest Israeli aggression [SOTW#10]

Misinformation is, as ever, rife.

So let me just set the record straight as briefly as possible.

For sources click on the numbers.
1) The total number of Israelis killed by Hamas’ low-tech Qassam rockets ever is 26 (including soldiers!). If, as the Israelis claim, this is ‘genocide’ then it is rather a slow one.
2) Just today 39 Palestinians died.
3) The number of Palestinian civilians killed in the last major Israeli assault, Operation Cast Lead, is 926, including 313 children.
4) Israel’s right to ‘self defence’ is irrelevant as it is clearly the aggressor. As usual, Israel broke the truce, and Israel escalated the violence.
5) Ahmed al-Jaabari had just received a draft peace agreement at the time of his extra-judicial killing. The wonderful Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin who was involved in the negotiations believes al-Jaabari wanted a ceasefire.

Don’t believe the propaganda pushed by the Israeli government’s increasingly sophisticated apparatus. As the typically excellent Richard Seymour writes on his blog:

“At this point, the excuses for yet another sadistic gorefest in Gaza are looking care-worn.  The same old tired, robotic half-sense: Hamas.  Rockets.  Sderot.  Terrorism.  Something something something, dark side.  Something something something, complete.  There will be some barbarous, nonsensical, infuriating things said in news broadcasts over the next few days.  All uttered in that exaggerated American accent that high Israeli officials seem to learn.”

Plus ça change…

This week’s song is Bone Bomb by noted Palestinian rights activist Brian Eno. It deftly handles the normally misunderstood issue of ‘terrorism’, and what motivates those who blow themselves up seeking a ‘beautiful death’ with great emotional intelligence.



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