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The Problem- Godley & Creme [Saturday song of the week #11]

Thursday this week was Thanksgiving. We cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for the residents on Wednesday which was one of the more stressful events of my stay here! I was relegated mainly to prep work, which whilst it had the advantage of me not being in a position to ruin anything, did mean I ended up chopping, cleaning and peeling all day. So not the best of fun, but a strangely relaxing experience nonetheless.

I didn’t feel in the best of moods today, and I couldn’t quite seem to get anything done. Even procrastination was a struggle, in fact. Perhaps I discovered a way to inflict procrastination on procrastination. This blog very nearly did not get done in time either: it’s 23:23 as I sit down to write it. In keeping with the rest of the day, I am (for the first time!) somewhat lacking in inspiration

The song I’ve chosen is about a problem. A maths problem as impossible to solve as a bad mood, as complicated as a bad mood and as frustratingly opaque as a bad mood. But don’t take it too seriously!

Gah, somebody give me a shot of Serotonin already.


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