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Ollie gets eaten by a shark [incorporating Song of the Week #6]

I would like to claim that it has been one of those weeks; that I have been overrun by events, work and/or an act of God and that that is why I have been so remiss on updating this here blog o’mine. In fact, such a claim would not be without reason. For 3 of my last 4 days off, including this one, I have been to some extent consumed by the drudgery of the university applications process. The 4th of those days off was my Birthday, on which I went Parasailing (more on that later), so you can’t criticise me for that!

However, no matter how much I would like to make that claim, I cannot. For if I am true to myself, I must admit that I could have found time. Be it time I threw away watching shitty films on Netflix, or having long conversations with co-workers, or spent playing chess with my boss (a winner is me!), or simply that time you tend to lose down the back of the sofa every now and then, I’m sure I could have got a little bit more done. So. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. But that’s life, and that’s the sort of person I am.

So, Birthday time. The best worst thing about being 19? Realising that next year I will have just started university and that I will be 20 years old. 20!! That really gets to me for some reason. Just goes to show the surprising power that arbitrary social conventions like the decimal system have over our perception of the world. One of the local chartering and outings companies here in Key West, Fury, do free excursions on your Birthday, which is pretty awesome.

So, I went down, showed my ID, and got on a speed boat to go Parasailing over the beautiful sapphire-blue seas around Key West. The whole island really shone from up in the sky, where a surreal and sublime calm exists, as if floating in a dream. The only problem (which was honestly not so much a problem as a reminder of how far I am from home) was the jock-style douchebags I shared the boat with, who had all the charm and sophistication of the male versions of Katie Price that they surely are. And yet their wives seemed relatively normal. Fascinating.

I’m flying! In case you were wondering why my legs point out like that, it was the way the harness held you. Nothing I could do about it. Don’t worry Mum I have not developed rickets from malnutrition.

Unfortunately I did then get eaten by a shark on my way down.

Anyway, in keeping with the Latin theme (just about), and introducing the next wee segment, here’s a humorous little tune for this week’s song:

‘… cos I got a DEGREE!’

Yes indeed, it’s that time again; hyperactively checking UCAS Track, fretting over whether your courses were right, which one you might choose if you get in and – what probably should be on the top of everyone’s list of worries, but likely isn’t – if there’s even going to be any suitable jobs left by the time George Osborne’s had his way with the tattered remains of the graduate labour market.

Just to tackle one of these worries, I do find myself in the awkward position of not having a firm favourite. Of the 4 universities I am likely to get in to, 3 are fairly equal in my mind. I will likely have to choose between Durham and LSE/SOAS (both London). Durham has many of my friends in it, but London has more to do (especially when it comes to Politics). Durham and LSE have the prestigious reputations but SOAS has the best looking course. The student politics? SOAS is ragingly Left-wing, LSE fairly Left-wing and Durham moderately so. And just to be fatuous, Durham is very pretty, LSE is moderately pretty and SOAS is… not pretty.  I’m just holding out hope that the Open Days when I get back will help me decide.

Next, I present pictures from the outing a few of us from Peacock (plus a Heron contingent) made to the Dolphin Research Center (ERRRRRR is how I see this egregious Ameri-spelling in my head). A good day was had by all. Having said that the shirt I was wearing was way too hot to wear on a day out. Idiot, Hill.

Oh, and by the way, I may be able to piece together a dolphin video for next week’s song. Does that sound like a good idea?

So long and thanks for all the fish?

Nope, more fish please

Fellow volunteer (from the Heron), Jodie, sporting some unique attire

The following 5 were part of a group of 10 shot in rapid succession and should probably be viewed a la flipbook. Sadly I don’t know how to make that happen so just try to imagine, ok?

And finally, to celebrate Norwich’s first win of the season (finally!), against Arsenal no less, this gem from the NCFC Facebook page.

Who says Canaries can’t beat Gunners?


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