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Mitt Romney is elected the president of white people, and why Amsterdam is no longer the best place to get legal weed.

Here’s how important the demographic trends are in America right now. Below is the electoral map if only white people voted. (Anyone else surprised to see Iowa there?)

And regarding the fastest growing demographic group in America, G.W. Bush got 41% of the Hispanic vote in 2004, McCain got 31% in 2008, and Romney got 27% (or thereabouts, the numbers aren’t final). Do, as Americans are fond of saying, the math.

Other quick thoughts about the election:

Huzzah for Elizabeth Warren! Warren succeeded in reclaiming Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat in Massachusetts and, well, she’s great.

Warren 2016!

Huzzah for Colorado and Washington State for the total legalisation of Marijuana! This policy will be a huge success if implemented correctly, and could well prove a model to the nation, and therefore the world, in ending the catastrophic failure that is the global War on Drugs.

Huzzah for Tammy Baldwin, the first openly Lesbian senator ever!

Huzzah for Gay Marriage, which won 4/4 of the ballot measures it was contesting!

And a delicious does of schadenfreude served up for Fox News, Allen West, Todd ‘rape can’t get you pregnant’ Akin, Fox News, Bibi Netanyahu, Roger Ailes, Fox News, Karl Rove, Donald Trump, Fox News and, finally, Meatloaf. Because of this:

… really brings a tear to one’s eyes.


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