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Ollie rides a bike! (incorporating Song of the Week #3)

I saddens me to note that, predictably, my Song of the Week posts are not among the most popular on this site. However, unlucky for you suckers, I’m going to keep churning them out just to amuse myself! *evil laugh*

I have one ace up my sleeve however, which is my stroke of genius in throwing caution to the wind and including video footage I shot of a typical ride through Old Town to get to Southernmost Beach. (Note the sickening use of 3 clichés in a single sentence there!)

Anyway, I hope this will be of more interest to you with the video (the original quality of which was surprisingly good, but YouTube’s compression monkeys have put an end to that) and will serve as an effective way to channel the smooth stylings of Steely Dan and 10cc into your ungrateful ear-holes.

Both songs cruelly cut short I might add.



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