The Last Mile by Don ‘Sugarcane’ Harris

A have long been fond of the work of electric violinist and longtime Zappa collaborator Don ‘Sugarcane’ Harris’s improvisation laden music. When in form, his is music with a caustic edge of brilliance, technical mastery and some of the most viscerally heart wrenching blues you’ve ever heard. He was a versatile and prolific musician whose contributions to famous works often sadly overshadowed his own solo work, which remains under-appreciated by the mainstream.

But this track I’ve recently discovered instantly shot to near the top of my all-time favourites. Haunting, lively and effortlessly cool, it crept under my skin and stayed there. I hope you like it too.



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2 responses to “The Last Mile by Don ‘Sugarcane’ Harris

  1. Lydia Hill

    Harris’s, please. Only Jesus and Achilles manage without the second s. Apart from that, as a 4th rate violin player, I am deadly jealous. Oddly, the tune contains some Gershwin.

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