Backatown- Trombone Shorty [Saturday song of the week #2]

Trombone Shorty (real name Troy Andrews) is a singer, trumpeter and trombonist from New Orleans and, as the following picture shows was already, at age 6, miles cooler than you or I ever will be.
He and his band, Orleans Avenue, make some of the most original, exciting and eminently listenable Jazz Rock around. Its punchy and vivacious quality is instantly appealing and many of my friends who don’t usually share my taste in music think it’s pretty awesome. I don’t think much more needs explaining here. The first song in this set is Backatown, a staccato piece of funk-heavy coolness for you all to enjoy in a surprisingly high quality live recording.

Oh, and by the way, he’s done a few Little Feat cover versions so, tremble, ye mortals, at my conceptual continuity!

Another Key West update is on its way but I only have 1 day off this week due to a schedule rejig, so sorry if it’s later than I would like.



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3 responses to “Backatown- Trombone Shorty [Saturday song of the week #2]

  1. Lydia Hill

    Take the apostrophe out of the first ‘it’s’ and don’t let Mr Danes see it.

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