Picture roundup

Dear all, just to prove I’m alive…

It looks like I won’t have time to post again before Saturday so I figured that rather than leave an unseemly gap on my front page I’ll put up a few of the cool pictures which didn’t seem to fit into any of my other posts. Everyone likes pretty pictures. Some people like captions too. Enjoy!

Oh and by the way, Key West looks very sad if it’s a cloudy day so sorry about that.


Doesn’t look like any Woolworth’s I’ve ever seen…

It’s a fixer-upper

I wonder if he dreams…

I’m not convinced as to the accuracy of this here sign

Extravagantly painted cars are a feature locally. This is one of the best.

I don’t know if you can read any of these…

… but my favourite was ‘Save a tree, eat a beaver’. Teehee.

This T-shirt and the next were in the window of an intriguing novelty shop. I went in briefly but panicked and beat a hasty retreat when I noticed the number of male sexual aids on display.

Yes I’m aware this statement is a bit daft. No I do not care.

You get some pretty awesome colours at times. Click to expand.

Same place as above.

The full awesomeness of this house at night time does not come across well on photo at all. But trust me, it’s really cool.

Mile marker 0 on US 1. Obviously some conspiracy nut decided it would look better with an Infowars.com sticker on it. Sigh.

Tucked away in a corner of a supermarket with about twice the floor space as Ely Tesco… the British section! Huzzah! I bought Vimto, Marmite, and a Lion Bar. Just because I could.


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One response to “Picture roundup

  1. Lydia Hill

    There’s room at the top of the signpost for Haddenham.

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