Yesterday I finally managed to get up to Marathon (another island in the Keys) to go and visit some of the other young volunteers at Heron House. Heron-Peacock Supported Living is split into the Heron in Marathon, where the more challenging and less independent residents are looked after, and the Peacock Apartments here in Key West and since I have by my own admission, zero relevant experience, it’s probably wise that they put me here in Key West. It does mean, however, that I’m somewhat starved of company of roughly my own age: hence the trip up to Marathon.

Anyway, after a delayed and frustrating first experience of American public transport, involving a taxi, roadworks, infrequent busses, an unannounced temporary route and a bus driver who seemed to think he could stop and have a fag whenever he felt like it, I finally made it to Marathon. But hey, at least I got to read my book lots.

First we went to have drinks (me feeling like a 13 year old with my lemonade) at the Island Fish Company, which is a breed of watering hole known locally as a ‘bar-marina’. I didn’t take any photos I must confess, but I’ve found one online of this place to give you an idea.

It was their annual Boatapalooza, which in essence meant a shitload of people way too drunk to be around water jumping off their boats into the harbour, grinding to the hard rock classics being pumped out by the live band, turning their outboard motors into splash machines/water cannons and generally being a bit YOLO. Needless to say it was pretty good fun.

Then we headed over to have something to eat at the Sunset Grill which genuinely provided the best sunset I’ve yet seen. Again, sorry for the lack of photos but I was busy giving myself diabetes so there. Speaking of which, I’ve put myself on starvation rations today in the hope of regaining some sovereignty over my weight from the tyranny of local portion sizes.

I start doing shadow shifts of my manager tomorrow, which I am impatient to get on with. Stay tuned for a second, bigger post soon today. Onwards and upwards!


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