A sandwich the size of my face

It was all going so well…

I had been eating fairly healthily. Smallish portions, nothing too rich, standard stuff really. On top of that I had been making fairly exhausting bicycle trips downtown over the last few days. Nothing’s too far away in Key West but a combination of me getting a bit lost, the incredible temperature and humidity, the fact that you have to stop and look before crossing the street at the end of every block, the lack of good cycle lanes and above all the fact that the seat on the gangsta-ass bike (with handlebars like a Harley-Davidson) I’ve been using is way too low for efficient pedaling make getting around pretty hard work. Plus, if like me you’re an idiot, you can try hanging bags of food off the handlebars on the way back from the supermarket because you bought too much to fit in the basket. Oops.

Given all of this, I was feeling confident that not only would I be able to avoid catching ‘the fat’, I may even be able to make some unexpected progress against my existing belly jelly (yes I did just make that up). But then my manager ordered lunch and offered to get me something. I ordered a modest looking sandwich. Ahaa. Ha. How foolish I was! This was 2pm, it’s now 9 and I haven’t eaten anything else or had the inclination either.

90 miles to Cuba

Here are a couple of pictures I took on my bike trip last night on the south side of the island, including the southernmost point of the United States.

A quick update

I’ve had a quiet day, did a little bit of training (including a hilariously cringe worthy instruction video in the style of ‘Hi, I’m Troy Mclure’) but mostly I’ve been idle. Full training starts tomorrow I think.

Oh, also, Dr. Pitt added me on Facebook. Sweet dude.


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2 responses to “A sandwich the size of my face

  1. Lydia Hill

    Really somewhere!

  2. Lead paint, delicious but deadly.

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