Beginner’s Luck

And so to the daunting task of typing my first post in such a way that is neither too formal nor too chatty, which is not pretentious, or frightfully self-aware, or rambling, or incoherent and which does not bore people to death. If I achieve this I shall henceforth consider myself a veritable blog-writing Shakespeare. Wish me luck!

So, what do I expect from the next 6 months?

Really, I’m not too sure. I have many hopes and just as many anxieties, but very little seems concrete to me. One thing I am certain of is that it will be a horizon-expanding experience. I fully expect to look back at this post in 6 months and find that reality was not much like my predictions, but here goes. I’m hoping for the opportunity to tackle something completely different, and that by volunteering for Heron-Peacock (website link in the ‘about’ section); by getting to know the residents and their stories, by understanding their problems, and above all by working hard to help them get back on their feet, I will not only have made a difference of which I can truly be proud, I may also have gone some way to feeling more aware of and connected to the situation of those less fortunate than myself.

That feeling of connection which I hope to foster is what links the next 6 months to my academic study at university. In my mind, it is a political desire of mine to do this work for political reasons and ends. Anything you do which affects others in society should be recognised as being to a greater or lesser extent a political act. I’m not trying to say that you should live your life constantly fretting about the political connotations of your every act, as some deranged fanatics do, merely that there is a political dimension to just about anything. And I personally embark on this particular trip mindful of the political and sociological context. That’s the bit for the university admissions tutors out of the way…

Also, just to state the totally fucking obvious (a pavlovian response to years of exams training), I’m going to remind myself that I’m going to a tropical island in the Caribbean with a reputation for being laid back and chilled out. How could I not have fun, meet people and make friends, get a tan, eat exotic food and see incredible things?

Why am I blogging it?

As a way of keeping in touch with people, keeping them informed and recording what I hope will be an unforgettable experience. In addition I’ll have to adapt myself from my usual habit of consuming media, blogs, news, commentary and analysis, to producing it. I hope this process will lead me to new ways of thinking and expressing myself, as well as giving me the freedom to discuss topics which I feel are neglected. I’d love it if you’d comment, even (especially, in fact) if you disagree with me, so that this process can become a bit less static and a bit more interactive; ‘blogging adventurously’ if you will. It’s just possible it’ll improve my writing style too (I’m painfully aware that my sentences are way too long, and that I overuse parentheses. (Case in point.)).

One last thing…

… a chubby korean rapper (credit to Yonny for showing me this!)

Today is the 1st. I fly on the 3rd.
Adios amigos, Key West here I come!


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2 responses to “Beginner’s Luck

  1. Beth Rowson

    Perfect combination of witty banter and educational commentary. Susie F would be proud of the “blogging adventurously” comment also 😉

  2. Rob West

    Should have called this blog Dave: The Home of Witty Banter! I look forward to following your adventure, and gaining an interactive insight into (alliteration) your experiences!

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